15 Mesmerizing Smart Home Technologies Trending Now

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The whole world is getting smarter by living smart and saving smartly. The smart home is the topic of the town nowadays. When the smart technology utilizes your daily living, the possibilities become endless. Here are 15 must-have technologies that you should adopt if you are thinking to follow the trend.

  • Smart Door Locks

The role of smart technology in providing home security is the most sought after. Now, you don’t need to rely on your neighbors to take care of your home after locking it before leaving. You can do it by yourself with the help of smart devices. Most of the new flats in Noida, Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata and other metro cities are being built with this keyless feature.

  • Smart Lighting Solutions

When a smart home is concerned, smart lighting products come first in the mind. With a smart lighting product, you can control the lighting system of your home with a compact remote or with your smartphone. There are several options you can explore, for example, automatically switching off the lights after a particular time, or letting the home light up on its own when you arrive at your home. Think how exciting it would be.

  • Smart Home Utilities

Using smart technologies you can get more from your daily home utilities. For instance, you can control your air conditioner from your smartphone or make it more convenient by matching it to your home temperature and your frequent usages. You can use a watering controller to water your landscapes efficiently. By using a smart plumbing valve, you can control the water supply of your home remotely.

  • Smart Home Appliances

Have you ever thought about the extendable possibilities of your home appliances? If not then, start exploring. Gone are the days when you had to wait for your microwave to get warm and help you in cooking. With the help of the smart technologies, you can now let it pre-heat, change temperature, set timers and more from a remote location.

  • Smart Home Blinds Solutions

The natural light that enters your home can make a huge positive impact if channelized properly. Using smart home blinds technology, you can set it to automatically open and close. You can program it in a way that it closes once you leave the home to make the atmosphere of the home cool in the dark and, it opens itself just before you arrive at home.

  • Smart Spaces Outside

When you have a smart technology powered home, you don’t need to fill the inside or outside spaces of your home with old-school systems. You can bid goodbye to the unnecessary stuff that are congesting the spaces. Keep in mind that these trending smart technologies are just not smart but inexpensive too.

  • Smart Window Solutions

Windows are the sources to visualize the world outside while being at home. You can add some innovations to the windows with the help of smart technology. One of the notable windows solutions is view glass. This can be controlled from your smartphone and it also acts automatically by pulling weather information from the internet.

  • Smart Garage Door Openers

When it comes to your garage, there is a long list of improvements that can be made by adopting the smart technology. The highly needed and foremost thing you can do with your garage is to replace its manual heavy door. With the help of smart devices, you can get rid of tugging the bulky garage door just to getting out your car. Instead, you can use a smart device that can open and monitor your garage door with the ease of using a smartphone.

  • Smart Eco-Friendly Home Products

The use of eco-friendly home products lets you reduce the use of other resources which is good for both saving and congestion. Many upcoming projects in Noida Extension, Gurgaon, Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai are facilitated with eco-friendly amenities.

  • Smart Entertainment Devices

When almost every need of a home can be improvised with smart devices then why not the entertainment need. With the help of smart automation, you can double up your entertainment segment. The Amazon Echo is an appropriate example in this case. This voice automated smart home hub can do wonders in terms of entertainment.

  • Smart Home Cameras

You may think that smart home cameras are of no use in your home. But let us tell you the truth, you are absolutely wrong. A strong security system should be the paramount concern of any homeowner. You can’t compromise with the safety of your home and your family. By using smart home cameras, monitoring your home safety comes at your fingertips.

  • Smart Home Sensors

Home sensor is the widely used smart technology that is easing the everyday operations. While talking about smart sensors, the first thing that may strike in your mind is the motion sensor device. Nowadays, the capabilities of motion sensors are a lot more than before and you can add as many conditions as you want to automate the processes.

  • Smart Voice Activated Products

Voice recognition technology is the most trending technology that is dominating the tech industry now. The use of voice commands to complete particular tasks is really fascinating and time-saving. There are several voice control devices available that can be controlled with your interactive voice speech too.

  • Smart Remote Controls

A smart remote control can become handy when you have a lot of remote-controlled devices like smart TV, air condition, fridge, washing machines etcetera. You can use only one smart remote to control all of your devices and appliances. Not only that, you can even use an app on your smartphone that channelizes all your remote controls at a place.

  • Smart Home Improving Apps

Most of the smart devices are controlled by smartphone apps. Some of the apps come in-built with particular products while other apps work independently. These apps work on both the iOS and the Android-powered devices. You can find and download these apps in OS-specific app stores. Most of these are free while some follow the freemium or paid models.

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