4 Effective Savings Tips for You to Go On a Trip

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Many of us dream of leaving our office work, away from everyday stress and go to travel the world from head to toe. However, those dreams remain only in dreams because we believe that large sums of money are needed that would take a lifetime to achieve.

It is true that money is necessary to move around the world, because modern society works with it; However, there will always be alternatives so that it does not become limiting. If you still think you will never get enough money to travel to South America, Greenland, India, Europe or Africa.

Here in this article we help you change your mind with effective savings steps that you can implement today.

  1. Make a budget and keep track of your expenses

The first things you have to do on a personal budget and record all the expenses you have per month so you can see what the money is going for. Surely you think it’s complicated, delayed or useless, because it’s impossible to write down all those ant expenses: the sweets, the snacks, the trips to the cinema, the money you spent last night at a party, the parking tickets, the cigarettes, etc…

Today it is easy to keep track of our money without making tables in Excel or pointing notes. There are already applications or personal finance platforms with which you can register and visualize all your income and all your expenses from one place, automatically and simply, and with the same security of your bank.

  1. Find savings opportunities

Once you have a personal budget and track your expenses it will be easier for you to start identifying those useless expenses that are depleting your economy and the possibility of fulfilling your trips. For useless expenses we refer to those that do not become essential in your life and with which you could survive without having them: soft drinks, cigars, new shoes, beers, etc. Expenses that may even be damaging your health and it is better to start cutting.

How much should you cut your expenses? That depends entirely on you. You may hear many travel savings formulas such as “save 10% or 20% of your salary”, “put ten pesos each day in the piglet”; However, the only one who knows your income and expenses is really you and, if you really want to go on a trip and your goal is firm, you could even save up to 50% of your salary or more, depending on the term you set. Of course, do not forget that other savings funds are also important, such as emergencies and old age.

  1. Have a simple lifestyle

How to survive if you plan to cut your expenses? If you have reached this point and you have realized that you are spending more on food out, dating with your partner or your friends, fashion, parties, etc., and you want to do something about it, you should know that you can live on simplest way without sacrificing lifestyle.

  • Food. Most of us are spending money away from home, so it’s good advice to start practicing our culinary skills and cooking at home. You can do it once a week and leave everything ready for the rest of it. Besides saving a lot of money, you will take care of your health.
  • Rent. Another of the strongest expenses you have is the rent of our department, so sharing with someone else that extra space you have can reduce costs.
  • Transport. Even if you do not love public transport, take it regularly or use a bicycle if you have one. Forget about taxis. You will see what you will save yourself!
  • Fun. For fun you do not need to spend 200 or 500 pesos each time you go out. There are various cultural activities that are free and with which you can experience: museums, parks, cinemas, etc.

Regarding the other expenses, before buying a product or service, think about if you really need it and how it would benefit you. If you already have a service such as pay television, telephony, magazines or credit cards that you do not use much, consider cutting them. Remember your saving goal and do not let go!

  1. Invest your saved money

The best way to grow your money is to invest it. You could say that investing money is even better than saving: it is saving, but with a plus. If you are already saving, but you have your money under the mattress, it will lose value over the months due to inflation. On the other hand, if you invest your money, it will start generating profits without you having to be working.

You no longer have excuses, if you want to go on a trip, follow these steps and you will surely see yourself achieving your dream! If you propose, you can achieve it.


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