Kapalbhati Pranayama


The word kapalbhati can be divided in to two segment kapal and bhati; here kapal refers to skull while bhati means shinning. This kapalbhati comes in cleansing of body methods. This pranayama is the excellent breathing exercise. Kapabhati when practised on regular basis it gives inner radiance and a natural shine to your face, by which your face glows naturally. After getting practised well of this pranayama one can do this for fifteen minutes. Within fifteen minutes one can do up to 900 times this kapalbhati pranayama, it has three rounds in it. By practising kapalbhati a person can get healed and obtain optimum level of health.

In simple words it can be described as the method of internal purification. This yoga helps to clear all breathing issues.

How to practise kapalbhati pranayama

  1. You can sit on comfortably, while sitting spine must be kept straight, abdominal region shouldn’t get compressed. Sukasana is good for it.
  2. You should sit on the heels, while sitting for this position knees must be bent, shins to be tucked behind thigh region. This is called virasana pose.
  3. You can sit in chair by placing your feet flat on floor.
  4. Whatever suits you can choose sitting comfortable way, then hands to be rested on knee region. Palms to be faced down.
  5. Keep focused and think over lower belly region. Inhalation to be done deeply over both nostrils.
  6. Then you can contract low belly region and forcedly leave the breathe outside.
  7. Inhalation must be of passive, automatic. While the focus is on the exhalation deeply.
  8. While in beginnings do it slowly, then increase the speed gradually. Inhalation should be through the nostrils and that to be deep, while after a minute of time, exhalation should be on mouth.
  9. Contraction should not be happen on abdomen during inhalation.
  • Throughout the pranayama, movement must be seen only on lower belly region. Spine and shoulders should be kept straight.
  • While practising this if you get dizziness or anxiety then please stop doing it, you may return to your normal mode of breathing.

Health Benefits of doing kapalbhati Pranayama

  • Blood circulation gets improved overall in entire body.
  • For nerve weakness this kapalbhati becomes a wonderful remedy.
  • On regular practise of kapalbhati pranayama , immunity power is increased in our body thus Stamina level is improved and sperm count is increased in males on doing this yoga on daily basis.
  • If you experience any lung issues it can be treated well on practising this pranayama regularly.
  • Improper periods in women can be treated.
  • Kidney stone problem get resolved easily by practising kapalbhati daily.
  • Bone mass gets strengthened on doing this yoga. Thus preventing from fracture of bones, thus calcification of bones happen naturally by doing this pranayama.
  • In women fibroids on uterine region is a big problem, which can be very well treated by practising this yogic method.
  • Acidity problems if you have, that can be getting relieved by this method of practise.
  • Energy level in our body gets enhanced on regular doing of this pranayama.
  • Natural glow and shine to your face is got easily by practising it.
  • Pimples can be cleared away.
  • The process of ageing is delayed, thereby keeping you younger for prolonged period of time.
  • Hair loss issues can be resolved.
  • Premature greying of hair can be prevented on regular practise of this technique.
  • Your mind gets relaxed and calm down on practise of this pranayama daily.
  • Anxiety and stress gets treated well by doing this technique.
  • Lack of sleep can be corrected and insomnia problems can be treated well by this method, thus a person gets good sound sleep.
  • Kundalini energy is awakened by practising this method; afterwards plenty of powers are obtained.
  • Weight loss is obtained, thus it is a good one for those feeling difficulty in losing their weight.
  • Constipation gets cured
  • Breast cancer is treated well by this yoga practise
  • Abdominal muscles are strengthened by practising regularly this kind of pranayama.


If you’re pregnant then you can do it only for few counts. Those who are pregnant, hypertensive, asthmatic, cardiac patients then please avoid this method of practise.  Get practised this amazing breathing technique from a well trained yogic practitioner, never do it on your own. Apart from that, if you experience any issues while doing this pranayama feel free to share it to your yoga instructor, then according to his suggestion and guidance start continuing the exercise. Thus if you see the overall benefits of kapalbhati pranayama its amazing and enormous benefits it gives to our hair, beauty, mind and body.

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