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With so many Television series and movies being produced, finding one that is worth your time and efforts can be challenging. We understand the value of time and a good show, as well as how frustrating it is to waste time watching a poorly scripted TV show. 

Being true TV show fans we understand how important it is to know if a certain overhyped show is worth watching or not. Well, here we will discuss some amazing TV shows that are underrated, and a few that are known to be overhyped. We have come up with a list of TV series that everyone should get their hands on if they want to watch something more than just a story. So, read along and pick your favorite. 

Downtown Abbey

Downtown Abbey is a period drama set in the post-Edwardian United Kingdom that follows the life of the Crawley family and their servants. It takes place after the catastrophic sinking of the great Titanic in the post-Edwardian age. The series is historical, has a fantastic setting, and addresses the aristocratic culture and class system that existed in old England, which is fascinating to history fans. 

This TV show is an ideal fit for you if you are an intellectual who enjoys classical dramas with historical and political overtones. Although it may not be everyone’s cup of tea, most of you will enjoy the script.

Penny Dreadful

Penny dreadfuls were once low-cost, poorly crafted, and spectacular horror stories or comics. Despite the fact that these stories were only offered for a penny each, they were very good and popular. 

Penny Dreadful is a psychological thriller set in the dark corners of Victorian London, and it brings up classic literary figures such as Dorian Gray and Dr. Frankenstein in a new and distinct way. The author took classical literature and converted it into a psychological thriller with troubled individuals battling their own inner fights, similar to the actual penny dreadfuls. 

With the help of Ethan Chandler, the protagonist Eva and Sir Malcolm embark on a quest to discover Sir Malcolm’s daughter and rescue her from the beasts. If you enjoy ancient literature, this show is a must-watch because only a true literature freak could write such a fantastic script. You get goosebumps after every episode of every season. Everything is top-notch, from the storyline to the graphics, music, and surroundings.

Sex Education

Sex Education is a TV show about high school students learning about sex in their own unique ways. In a satirical manner, the show challenges traditional sex education methods and advocates freedom of expression. 

It’s a well-written show that encourages people to be upfront about their difficulties and to stop thinking of them as taboo. The show is light-hearted and entertaining for adults, and it offers us valuable life lessons in addition to its amusing characters and events. Each character has their own adventure, and the series discusses how all of the characters learn and grow from their former selves. 

Professor Groff and his son Adam Groff are the best examples of character development. While dealing with very sensitive themes, the show also teaches tolerance and understanding. Well, if you haven’t been to the problematic sex school yet, stream it now. 

The Handmaid’s Tale 

The Handmaid’s Tale is a television drama about a civilization that lives under totalitarian dystopian control in a place that is a replica of the United States of the past. The TV show is based on Margaret Atwood’s novel, and it follows a fundamentalist ruler who views women as state property. The narrative is a criticism of such a society. 

So, if you’re a feminist who enjoys history and is passionate about politics and global concerns, you’ll enjoy this show. Ofred, the empowering protagonist, transforms from a timid and controlled handmade to an unconventional, defiant young lady. The show depicts how a person’s curiosity and observance can lead them to push and breach the norms, boundaries, and restrictions set by others.


Sherlock Holmes is a well-known television series. The series revolves around Sherlock and his roommate John and is based on Arthur Conan Doyle’s mysteries. Every episode tells a distinct story, and each one is exciting enough to keep you watching until the end. 

Sherlock’s method of solving puzzles and his intellectual attitude make it ideal for geeks and individuals who enjoy mysteries and suspense. People who enjoy mysteries and wish to watch something well-scripted should watch this TV show.

The Big Bang Theory 

The Big Bang Theory is one of the greatest sitcoms for nerds, and every geek should watch it at least once. Well, if you’re looking for a well-written comedy that’s light and entertaining to watch while also including intelligent gags, this sitcom is for you. Each character has their own unique style of entertaining you, Sheldon Cooper, Penny, Leonard, and Howard, are all entertaining as well as intelligent. The show also teaches us important life lessons, the most important one being, that no matter how well educated a person is, he should always have empathy and should keep his feet on the ground.

Being a nerd we are sure a lot of you might have watched it already but if you haven’t, it is time for you to watch it. Well, for good TV service to watch these TV shows we suggest getting Spectrum Cable TV because it is not only highly reliable but also pretty affordable for all types of users. Besides this, you also get to enjoy live cable TV with a minimum of 125+ channels as well as on-demand content. 

Alta Mar (High Seas)

Alta Mar, known as High Seas in English, is a Netflix original Spanish television series. The show features three seasons, and if you’re looking for something dramatic and mysterious with a thrilling story and magnificent setting, this is the show for you. 

The episodes take place on a cruise ship where there is a series of sudden murders, and the sisters Eva and Carolina investigate. Despite its low popularity, we found this show to be impressively entertaining, and perfect to watch if you want to watch a historical murder mystery. So, if you enjoy thrillers with a dash of romance, Alta Mar is the show for you. It will become a wholesome watch, thanks to Eva and Nicolas Vazquez’s great chemistry and their efforts to solve the mysteries together.

Breaking Bad

If you’re a true nerd looking for outstandingly written TV shows, it’s safe to say you’ve already seen this masterpiece. Breaking Bad’s story, plot, and character development are all worthy of all the praise it got. All of the characters are well-developed, from Walter White’s transition into Heisenberg to Jessie Pinkman’s empathic nature to Hank’s honesty at work. 

Breaking Bad is truly a binge-worthy show – all thanks to its well-researched grasp of chemistry and reliable methods of execution.

Final Word

Well, the TV series we mentioned above cover a wide range of genres and styles, so even if some of them aren’t your cup of tea, we’re assured that you will find something to your liking. So, pick your favorites and start watching them.

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