Who Should Use Smart Fuel Cap?

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If you are running a trucking business, then you would have faced problems related to fuel theft and misuse.

It would have hampered your profitability, and this is the reason your business is not expanding that well.

For a businessman who owns a considerable amount of trucks, Smart Fuel Cap is very necessary to prevent misuse of fuel which will, in turn, provide 100% fuel management and control.

Fuel is a significant factor for every trucking company as on an average 35% of the expense chart goes to fuel consumption.

A trucking company usually have Class A trucks which leave for about 40-50 days to travel to far away areas.

Drivers have fuel cards to pay for the fuel but who would know whether the fuel is going into the fuel tank or is he misusing the fuel card for his reasons.

Also, even if fuel goes into the fuel tank, who would ensure whether it is really staying there or not. The biggest threat of fuel misuse is drivers & thieves.

If you are now concerned for the above reasons, then no need to worry as Smart Fuel Cap would solve all your problems.

Who can use Smart Fuel Cap?

Let’s check out the audience who can use and leverage maximum benefits out of it.

  • Trucking Companies operating a company with more than one truck,
  • If you are running a trucking business and you are observing similar trucks with different fuel consumption, then you should definitely use Smart Fuel Cap.
  • A company which operates Class A trucks.
  • Trucking companies which offer fuel cards to their drivers and which are facing loss due to heavy usage of fuel card and low profits.
  • Companies which offer service to a distance of more than 300 miles.
  • A trucking company, having many company drivers.

If you are one of the above, then you can be exposed to fuel misuse, and in that case, fuel control and management should be taken care of.

There would be many cases when you drivers would be stealing fuel in your absence or fuel thefts when your trucks would be parked somewhere.

Obviously, you can’t go with them to all the places but Smart Fuel Cap can! These all problems can be solved by the incorporation of the device.

It will measure the amount of fuel entered into the fuel tank to make sure that the paid fuel is really into the fuel tank. Also, with its anti-siphoning system, it will make sure that fuel stays in the tank.

Let’s look at the problems which can be solved using the device.

Problems it can solve?

It will measure the amount of fuel which is added to the fuel tank, and also it would prevent fuel misuse either concerning thefts or poor management.

Mostly all these devices come with a battery and a sensor which will alarm you when someone unauthorized tries to remove it.

Smart Fuel Caps usually has a real-time information sending system which would make you updated about all the updates about fuel.

Drivers fear to do misuse of the fuel as their owners would get to know of their mischief.

It provides multi-layer anti-siphoning protection which makes it impossible to take the fuel out of the trucks. Be assured that now your vehicles would be free all types of thefts.

What Benefits can you expect from Smart Fuel Caps?

Smart fuel caps provide you a lot many ways to protect your trucks from all kinds of fuel misuse and management of your trucks become easy with it.

There are multiple benefits of using these devices. Let’s look at them in detail.

  • Good management of fuel, which in turn make you assure more profitability &better growth rate of your business.
  • 100% protection from all kinds of fuel thefts.
  • Installation of these devices is not that tedious and takes only a few minutes to install them on your vehicles.
  • No Fuel tank modification is required for installation of the device.
  • These devices are generally stand alone, so no cabling is required to connect them with the truck cabin.
  • Its alarm sensor makes it impossible to be removed without your permission.

If you install Smart Fuel Cap in your trucks, then you can really focus on the ways to improve your business and profitability. You don’t have to worry about Fuel management as Smart Fuel Cap will take care of that.

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